Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Kids are Scared

Some powerful posts on DailyKos yesterday about the impact of the economy on middle-class kids. 

For my 8th graders, some of my kids didn't get an 80% (mastery) on the Forms of Government test.  As per my usual routine, I gave up my lunch and offered a LUNCH BUNCH study time and test re-take opportunity.  One student arrived early sans lunch.  I was busy gathering up lab equipment off tables from my 7th grade science class, so I wasn't looking at my early student as I said, "Hey, go on and get your lunch.  You can eat while we do our Rapid Study Technique before the re-take."

I could feel the silence and non-movement of my student.  So, I turned and looked.  There were tears on the table beneath his bowed head.  I pulled up a chair and asked, "Family or friends."  Silence. That meant it was a  family issue. Probing gently, I got, "Mrs K., both my Mom and Dad got laid off and our house ... our house.  I was too worried to ask for a check for lunch money, and I'm too embarrassed to ask for the P&J lunch."  When he said "our house," it came out like a moan.

The second, a followup from our own teacherken: Many of my kids are scared, too

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