Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Education Policy Blog Nominated for Blog of the Year Award

The Education Policy Blog has been nominated for the ED in '08 Blog of the Year Award.

Voting will run from now until May 14th and the winner will be announced at the 2008 Blogger Summit on May 15th in Washington, DC. (Our own Kenneth Bernstein will be a panelist at the summit.)

Readers can vote at

Now, some of us have been thinking we shouldn't necessarily support the Ed in '08 agenda. Does that mean we should eschew the voting, and perhaps not even mention our nomination? Is this very message a sign that we have been co-opted? Should we delete this message?

Please leave your opinions/comments here!


Anonymous said...

"Is this very message a sign that we have been co-opted?"

Yes. They got a link, a message displayed in your blog, and publicity.

For what? A fake award? And what is it you might "win" exactly? The right to display their badge even more prominently?

To get back, post what you think about their policies!

James Horn said...

Wow--this is like making Dick Cheney's Most Patriotic List.

No thanks.