Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If NCLB is Such a Success, Why Do Poor Kids Need a Way Out of the Public Schools?

[NYT] President Bush’s call for a $300 million program called Pell Grants for Kids is the latest effort by his administration to channel tax dollars to low-income parents to help them send their children to private or religious schools.

His proposal, in his State of the Union address Monday night, was denounced by some top Democratic lawmakers and teachers’ union officials as a national “voucher” program that would only drain resources from urban public schools that in many cases are in need of money.

And some critics said that the president’s call for yet another education initiative only underscored the failure of the No Child Left Behind Act, the federal law that Mr. Bush considers a landmark achievement of his first term. . . .


Anonymous said...

NCLB supports school accountbility i don't understand why people can't support a policy that promotes such a good thing.

Sherman Dorn said...

Dear anonymous 10:53,

Many of us absolutely support accountability but do not think NCLB is much of an accountability policy.