Sunday, November 25, 2007

Eduwonkette blog theme of the week: Fordham and Ogbu

In the last few weeks, Eduwonkette has been writing her blog entries in themes. Last week was "Test Score Spin Doctors," focused on the distortions of NYC's Board of Education. This week is Signithia Fordham and John Ogbu's "Acting White" Hypothesis. Because Ogbu's arguments about culture and education, and the 1987 article Fordham and he cowrote, are provocative and the most interesting academic equivalents of the culture argument on the achievement gap, I strongly encourage folks in social foundations to read these blog entries. I'll probably add some commentary towards the end of the week here.

A second issue is Eduwonkette's choice of a weekly theme. I don't know if this is the start of a broader pattern, but if so, it's an interesting (and coherent) way to organize a blog. It's not the only education blog to have tried this (Edspresso had occasional weeklong debates for a year, from May 2006 through May 2007), but for an individual blogger, that's a form of blogging moxie. Most of us are more anarchic than that.


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