Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weeklong NCLB Debate

Check out the weeklong NCLB debate between Richard Rothstein and Russlynn Ali at the LA Times:


Anonymous said...

So essentially we are saying that NCLB is education's affimative action. Maybe if the federal govermnent wants to mandate what we do and see such drastic, miraculous results so badly. they should provide us with some funding (I mean real funding). Maybe they should regulate wages for teachers so that dedicated, qualified teachers don't leave the profession for better pursuits. Maybe they should help the families of the poor performing kids so the cycle of poverty doesn't continue. But, alas, they'll just leave it to the teachers. They are an easy scapegoat, and the government doesn't have to do the work or take the blame that way. Who cares about the future of the country anyway? They'll be in the textbooks as leaders of America when schools will no longer have funding to buy them.

Charles said...

I really like debates.

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Robert Thompson said...

Debate, regardless of it's length, should always be result oriented.

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