Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Stuff on Neuroanthropology

A lot of interesting and relevant links on neuroanthropology this week, including,

Christian Jarrett, Power Leads Us to Dehumanize Others

John Lehrer, How Much Should We Practice?
Practice 50% less by “combining periods of task performance with periods of additional stimulus exposure.”

Greg Hickok, More Problems for Mirror Neurons
It’s not all mirrors in the mind

Justin Smith, More on Non-Western Philosophy (the Very Idea)

Martin Robbins, Cocaine Detectors for Parents are a Terrible Idea

Christopher Furgeson, Attempt to Revive Video Game Law a Waste of Money
“Claiming that the research consistently links video games with violence is simply dishonest. My own research, published in peer-reviewed journals in pediatrics, psychology and criminal justice, has found no links between violent video game playing and violent behavior.”

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