Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ritalin Cures Next Picasso

WORCESTER, MA—Area 7-year-old Douglas Castellano's unbridled energy and creativity are no longer a problem thanks to Ritalin, doctors for the child announced Monday. "After years of failed attempts to stop Douglas' uncontrollable bouts of self-expression, we have finally found success with Ritalin," Dr. Irwin Schraeger said. "For the first time in his life, Douglas can actually sit down and not think about lots of things at once." Castellano's parents reported that the cured child no longer tries to draw on everything in sight, calming down enough to show an interest in television.


Nancy Flanagan said...

Excellent one-two blog punch, Aaron--made me snort coffee out of my nose as well as think deeply.

The narrowing of curricula and Famous National Presenters who go around suggesting that elementary schoolchildren should be pulled from their art, music and physical education classes until they're reading on grade level don't help.

Steve Mc Smith said...

It always harmful to think about too much about any thing. Some times parents should leave their children to do their own thing and by keeping an eye on them as what they wanna do.

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Jim Horn said...

Have a look at the documentary, The War on Kids, which has a big chunk on this phenomenon.