Sunday, October 05, 2008

Intelligence and Genes? Too Many Genes, Not Much "Intelligence"

Scientific American article on intelligence and genetics.

Of course questions about intelligence are inherently linked to questions about whether "intelligence" as some single factor actually exists. The genetic data seems to support the general argument that "intelligence" is so complicated and multifaceted that there isn't any such thing as "intelligence."

That's my take.


The Tablet PC In Education Blog said...

Please clarify: Respectfully, if you think intelligence doesn't exist, how can you have an opinion about it?

Jonathan said...

Look at the work of C. Dweck and James Zull's recent work. Intelligence cannot be talked about without exploring the brains potential learn/relearn/unlearn/create. Dispositions or affinities towards topics or subjects is one thing, but the conversation typically becomes: who is smart and who is not? or who has potential and who doesn't.