Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Study about Teens, Video Games, and Civic Engagement

Via Peter Levine, a new study from the MacArthur Foundation about teens and video games.

The lede:
Game playing is universal, diverse, often involves social interaction, and can cultivate teen civic engagement.
. . . . .
Game playing can incorporate many aspects of civic and political life.
  • 76% of youth report helping others while gaming.
  • 44% report playing games where they learn about a problem in society


Anonymous said...

Its a very interesting that 76% of youth report helping others while gaming. I did not know that thank you for giving such wonderful information.

Julie Carney said...

Thanks for this post. It's good to see people are starting to notice how much good games can do in education. This has given me some ideas for a blog I recently started with the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation.



Kiara said...

Statistics shows that playing Download Games whether in the form of Video games or Online Games are helping players do civic and social functions. Your numbers say something. Thanks for sharing!