Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Response to Schutz and Dorn

Well, only a brief one, gotta run. I do appreciate Aaron Schutz's "oblique" comments on my "keystone" posting for the week. I will admit, guilty as charged, with my support of individuality. I believe that such is key to effective teaching and reaching of students. I want to celebrate it.

I grant that there are other things more important to working class and poor students and families on a day to day basis, but I don't want it to be one or the other. I think Aaron and I agree on many of these issues, though I haven't thought about what he raises in the same depth. I was delighted to read such a thoughtful response.

I appreciate Sherman Dorn bringing up Mike Rose, whose work I think about often in such instances, but someone I haven't read in quite a while.

I should perhaps say more, but other tasks cry out today. I look forward to more conversation on these topics and others as we move our group blog forward.

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